Public Transport for Students

All about the Studiticket, VHB Ticket, D-TICKET JUGENDBW & 49 Euro Ticket

[Constance,16.04.24] - This page is for your general information about public transportation. Please note that the information may be subject to change (Price status SoSe 2024). Detailed information can be found on the respective websites of the transport associations or Deutsche Bahn.

Unfortunately some of the websites for additional information are not in English.

Studi-Deutschland ticket:

We have often been asked by students whether they can already purchase the discounted Germany ticket for students, which has been available at some universities since this semester. Unfortunately, we still have to answer these inquiries with "no". However, the transport working group is currently looking into this issue, has already started communicating with the VHB and Stadtwerke Konstanz and is planning a ballot in which all students will be asked for their opinion on the introduction of such a ticket. The ballot will take place together with the university elections and the student committee elections from June 10 to 13. A digital implementation is planned to make the elections as accessible as possible to all enrolled students. We are therefore hoping for your participation and a lively turnout!

If you have any further questions or urgent comments on the Deutschlandticket or other transport issues or would like to get involved, please contact


The student ticket costs currently 65.30 € (price status SoSe 2024) and is valid for everyone who is enrolled at the University and the HTWG Konstanz. This allows you to take the bus in the city area or the ferry to Meersburg as often as you like during the semester. The Studiticket is only valid together with your Studicard and the valid semester ID. You stick the Studiticket and your semester stamp on the back of your Studicard.

The student ticket is valid for one semester:

University summer semester April 1st. until September 30th.
University winter semester October 1st. until March 31st.
HTWG summer semester Marc 1st. until August 31st.
HTWG winter semester September 1st. until Febraury 28th. (February 29th respectively)

You can buy the ticket in the Seezeit shop at the university, in the cafeteria of the HTWG or online as a mobile phone ticket.

With the solidarity contribution, university and HTWG students can use the services associated with the Studiticket free of charge every day from 7 p.m. until the end of the day, at the latest by 4:30 a.m. - except in the night owl. You must have your student ID and valid semester ID with you.

All information can be found on the tariff page of the Stadwerke Konstanz.

VHB Students-Ticket Upgrade

Do you live outside of Konstanz and always commute to and from the university? Then you should get the VHB-upgrade in addition to the Studi-Ticket in order to be able to travel in the entire VHB-transport-network. This upgrade costs 62,80 € in addition to the student ticket per semester. The VHB-Studi-Ticket is valid for the entire VHB-transport-network, in the buses and trains of local transport, in 2nd class and only in connection with a valid Studi-Ticket and your Studicard.

You can buy the upgrade in the university’s Seezeit shop, in the HTWG cafeteria, in the energy cube of Stadtwerke Konstanz, in the VHB branch office in Radolfzell and in Singen in the tourist information center at the Marktpassage.


The D-Ticket JugendBW is aimed at all young people under the age of 21 as well as students, trainees and volunteers up to and including the age of 26. It is valid throughout the VHB, on all bw tariff routes and also on local public transport throughout Germany.

You can order the D-Ticket JugendBW here.

The order deadline for the D-Ticket JugendBW with a monthly direct debit of €30.42 is always the 10th of the previous month (i.e. for orders up to and including May 10, the ticket can be used from June 1).

Further information can be found on the website of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

If you don't meet the age requirements for the D-Ticket JugendBW or don't want to commit to a subscription, you can either look at other VHB season ticket offers or consider the regular Deutschlandticket (see below).

49 Euro Ticket

With the D-Ticket subscription, passengers can use local trains and buses not only in the VHB or Baden-Württemberg, but throughout Germany for 49 euros a month. This means that with the Deutschlandticket you can also use all trains and buses within the VHB as usual, i.e. city buses, regional buses and local trains. You can find the fare conditions here.

However, if you do not wish to have an active subscription at the VHB office, you can order the Deutschlandticket on a plastic card or as a cell phone ticket. You can find detailed information here.

Since 01.04.2024, the D-Ticket has been issued to all new customers and as an extension to existing customers as an (((eTicket on a chip card. An (((eTicket is a digital ticket. This is either written on a chip in a plastic card, or the (((eTicket is created as an app ticket.