Public Transport for Students

All about the Studiticket, VHB Ticket, JugendticketBW & 49 Euro Ticket

This page is for you to provide general information about public transport. At the current point of view, not all information about the JugendticketBW and the 49 Euro ticket is known. We are in the process of finding out more about them. You can find detailed information on the respective website of the transport association or at Deutsche Bahn website.

Unfortunately some of the websites for additional information are not in English.


The student ticket costs currently €58.80 and is valid for everyone who is enrolled at the University and the HTWG Konstanz. This allows you to take the bus in the city area or the ferry to Meersburg as often as you like during the semester. The Studiticket is only valid together with your Studicard and the valid semester ID. You stick the Studiticket and your semester stamp on the back of your Studicard.

The student ticket is valid for one semester:

University summer semester April 1st. until September 30th.
University winter semester October 1st. until March 31st.
HTWG summer semester Marc 1st. until August 31st.
HTWG winter semester September 1st. until Febraury 28th. (February 29th respectively)

You can buy the ticket in the Seezeit shop at the university, in the cafeteria of the HTWG or online as a mobile phone ticket.

With the solidarity contribution, university and HTWG students can use the services associated with the Studiticket free of charge every day from 7 p.m. until the end of the day, at the latest by 4:30 a.m. - except in the night owl. You must have your student ID and valid semester ID with you.

All information can be found on the tariff page of the Stadwerke Konstanz.

VHB Students-Ticket Upgrade

Do you live outside of Konstanz and always commute to and from the university? Then you should get the VHB-upgrade in addition to the Studi-Ticket in order to be able to travel in the entire VHB-transport-network. This upgrade costs €60.70 in addition to the student ticket per semester. The VHB-Studi-Ticket is valid for the entire VHB-transport-network, in the buses and trains of local transport, in 2nd class and only in connection with a valid Studi-Ticket and your Studicard.

You can buy the upgrade in the university’s Seezeit shop, in the HTWG cafeteria, in the energy cube of Stadtwerke Konstanz, in the VHB branch office in Radolfzell and in Singen in the tourist information center at the Marktpassage.


The JugendticketBW started on March 1st, 2023 in Baden-Württemberg and is primarily for us students. For €365/year, €30.42/month or just €1/day you can travel by bus and train anywhere in Baden-Württemberg. All you have to do is be enrolled and max 26 years old. You can buy the ticket at the points of sale of the transport associations of the state and on the Internet. But: the issuing association decides whether it is issued as a paper or e-ticket.

With this ticket you can drive through all of Baden-Württemberg.

You can find all important information on the website of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg.

FAQ JugendticketBW

Where can I buy the JugendticketBW?

The ticket can be purchased at the points of sale of the transport association where the buyer lives or goes to school or studies. The youth ticket is also available as an e-ticket. The issuing association decides whether it is issued as a paper or e-ticket.

How much does the JugendticketBW cost?

The JugendticketBW costs 365 €/year or 30.42 €/month. For students, the price is reduced by the solidarity contribution as part of the semester ticket agreement. Example: At the universities where 30 € of the semester fee are waived for the semester ticket, students already pay 60 € a year for public transport. These are offset against the purchase price of the youth ticket, so in this case the ticket only costs 305 €.

Where is the JugendticketBW valid?

The JugendticketBW is valid on all public transport buses and trains in Baden-Württemberg, including all IRE, RE, RB, MEX, S-Bahn, trams/city rail and buses. It is also valid on the IC line Stuttgart – Singen (- Constance). Otherwise, the JugendticketBW is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. ICE, EC, IC, Flixtrain, TGV) and long-distance buses.

The JugendticketBW is valid in the transport association of your own place of residence and in the rest of Baden-Württemberg that is not covered by this association.
If the youth ticket is purchased in a cross-border network (e.g. KVV), then the holders of the KVV JugendticketBW can travel across national borders within the network. That means you can also drive to the Rhineland-Palatinate part of the KVV.

When does the JugendticketBW end?

The JugendticketBW ends either when it is canceled by the customer or when the requirements for purchasing the ticket no longer apply, i.e. at the end of the month in which the subscriber turns 21 or 27 and completes his or her further education .

Does JugendticketBW have special rights of termination in the first year of the contract?

In principle, the termination regulations and provisions of the respective associations apply. Special termination rights in the first year of the contract include, for example, a move or a change of school, study or training location. Other reasons for termination will be decided by the associations on a case-by-case basis.

What happens when I turn 27 and I'm still in college?

If the ticket holder turns 27 during their training, they can still use the ticket until the end of the annual subscription. After that, they can use other offers from the transport associations or, from May, the Deutschlandticket.

VHB-JugendticketBW for Students of Uni & HTWG

You can also buy the VHB-JugendticketBW if you are not older than 26 years. You can also use public transport throughout Baden-Württemberg. There is a semester variant that is discounted by the solidarity contributions. All you need is your Studicard with a valid semester stamp. The ticket costs €160.50 for one semester. You can order the ticket here. On the page you will find the important information about the VHB-JugendticketBW.

More information can be found here.

FAQ VHB-JugendticketBW

How do I get the VHB-JugendticketBW?

The order is placed at the VHB office. Payment is made by direct debit, whereby an EU bank account is required. The direct debit by the VHB office takes place on the 15th of each month. If you already pay a portion of your semester fee for using public transport, there is a semester variant for which the purchase price of the youth ticket is reduced accordingly.

When, where and to what extent is the ticket valid?

The ticket is valid throughout the state of Baden-Württemberg (on the routes of the bwTarif, including the corresponding bwTarif routes in the canton of Schaffhausen CH). It is valid every day and around the clock in all means of public transport (in 2nd class), i.e. in city buses, regional buses, trams, light rail, S-Bahn and local trains. The ticket is not valid on long-distance buses and long-distance trains (including ICE, IC, EC, ECE, RJ). Exception: The JugendticketBW is valid on the IC Stuttgart – Singen (–Konstanz). Due to an agreement between the district of Konstanz and DB Fernverkehr, the VHB youth ticket BW is also valid on the IC 284 from 7:16 a.m. in Schaffhausen to Singen.

Important: With the JugendticketBW you can use the regional buses Konstanz – Ravensburg or Konstanz – Friedrichshafen. Using the Konstanz-Meersburg ferry in any other way (pedestrians, etc.) is not permitted with the JugendticketBW.

49 Euro Ticket

The 9 euro ticket should get a sequel. Probably from May 1st you can travel for 49 € per month in every public transport. What do you have to do for this? Simply register on the Deutsche Bahn website and you will be notified as soon as the Germany ticket is available as a subscription on, in the DB Navigator and the DB travel centers. The ticket is valid throughout Germany on every public transport and can be canceled on a monthly basis. You can find more information here: Deutschland-Ticket

FAQ 49 Euro Ticket

What exactly is the 49 Euro or Germany Ticket?

The Deutschland-Ticket results from the 9-euro ticket that was offered on a promotional basis in the summer months of 2022. The 9-euro ticket was introduced on the initiative of the federal government to relieve the burden on citizens due to the sharp rise in costs for electricity, food, heating and mobility.

Due to the great success of the 9-euro ticket and the climate-friendly effect of the increased use of public transport, the Deutschland-Ticket is to be introduced as a permanent season ticket offer in cooperation with the federal and state governments as part of the federal government's third relief package.

As a “flat rate for regional transport”, the Germany ticket simplifies local transport tariffs, as it enables travel across national and tariff borders. It is therefore a strong argument to switch from the car to a climate-friendly means of transport.

Welche Konditionen gelten für euch?

It will be valid nationwide and enables Germany-wide journeys in public transport and regional rail transport of all participating transport companies, state tariffs and transport associations as well as in non-federated areas. A detailed scope will be published shortly at

Where do you get the ticket?

Customers can purchase the Germany ticket, for example, via DB sales channels such as and DB Navigator App as well as in DB travel centers throughout Germany. Many other transport companies will also sell the Germany ticket in their sales channels.

When does the presale start?

As of now, the presale will begin on April 3, 2023.

What happens if you already have a subscription or job ticket?

If you already have a local transport and network subscription or a job ticket, you will be informed by your subscription center about how to proceed as soon as further details about the Germany ticket are known.

A job ticket variant of the Germany ticket is currently being worked on. At the present time, the relevant conditions are not final.