Culture Ticket

You want to forget about university stress and want to brighten up your day with some inspirational stage play or a concert? Our culture ticket makes that possible for you in spite of an empty piggy bank!

What is the Culture Ticket and how can I use it?

All students at the University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz already have a cultural ticket: the student pass! Organized by the Department for Culture and Events of the student body, the culture ticket offers you a broad range of cultural events that you are interested in. The culture ticket is made possible through a solidaric portion of the semester fees, which means that you have already paid for your culture ticket for the semester. Now, there is nothing in the way between you and enjoying cultural landscape!

The culture ticket includes the philharmonic, the theatre  , the art-house Zebra-Cinema , Allmannsdorfer Kammerkonzerte (all concerts that take place in 2024) and the Kulturzentrum am Münster (exhibitions of the Kunstverein, Wessenberg-Galerie, Turm zur Katz and Gewölbekeller till 30.09.2024). One hour before the beginning of the event, you have to go to the cash register of the institution you want to visit. There, you will get free remaining tickets for the event. There you go!

You can find current events and news at our instagram or listed under our culture calendar.


Interested? Then see here how you can use the ticket!

A brief history

  • The Kulturticket has been valid since November 5, 2015 - at that time still as a trial run financed by the student representatives.
  • In the summer semester of 2016, the Kulturticket was officially approved by a vote of the student body.
  • Since the 2019 summer semester, the Zebra Cinema has also been included in the Kulturticket alongside the theater and philharmonic orchestra. For the first time, a cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz took place.
  • Our AStA sponsored the Kultursommer Konstanz 2023, which took place from July to August 2023. Here, too, selected events of the Kultursommer in the Neuwerk courtyard could be attended free of charge with the Kulturticket.
  • Since the winter semester 23/24, the Kulturzentrum am Münster has also been included in your Kulturticket and we are currently testing how much it is used in order to consider a future cooperation with the Kulturamt Konstanz. This provides free admission to the Wessenberg Gallery, the Gewölbekeller, the Turm zur Katz and the Kunstverein.
  • For the year 2024, we have included the Förderverein Allmannsdorfer Kammerkonzerte e.V. in the Kulturticket! This means that all Allmannsdorf chamber concerts in 2024 are valid for the Kulturticket!

Thanks to the voluntary commitment of the cultural department's advisors, you can once again enjoy a wide range of cultural events this semester and prepare for your next concert, play or movie night.