Board of the student body

The board of the student body consists out of the two chairpeople and their deputies. One chairperson gets elected by the StuPa and the other by the FSK.

Ioannis Tagos (Chair of the student body)

Johanna Vollrath (Deputy chair of the student board)

Hello everyone

I'm Johanna, and I study sociology and history in my third semester. What excites me about working at StuVe? Like many others, I started my studies in the middle of the pandemic and have hardly been able to really get to know the "real" student life. But for me, education is more than just university, but above all, university is more than just education. For this reason, as a board member of the student representation, I would like to make my contribution to rebuilding an active campus life and also to promoting exchange among each other. It is important to me that the ideas and projects for and by students are heard and implemented and that the motto of the university "Study where others go on holiday" is lived in such a way that we make the university a place where education and leisure meet and complement each other. So: if you have ideas, wishes or just want to shape the university together with us, feel free to come by and make something out of it :) – I look forward to seeing you!