Lumière Cinema

Welcome at Lumière – the Campus Cinema in Constance

We are making Cinema for you

Every Tuesday at the Audimax (A600) at 20:15

And- the tickets are free!

Every tuesday at 20:15, the biggest room at the university, the Audimax, transforms into a cinema. We play thrilling, funny and emotional movies- from mainstream to independent, from old to new, from classics to never-heard-of-it. We play the movies in their original language with german subtitles.

You can find the current program in the program booklets that are lying everywhere, our Website and at our cinema wall across from the Campus-Cafe.

Interested? Here, you can find further information if you want to join the Lumiere team.

Further Offers

Regularly, we organize silent film concerts with the amazing silent film musician Günter Buchwald on the piano- a very special cinema experience! The traditional Western Evening with free Whiskey is a firm part of our program, as well. Also, every semester we offer a long night of cinema with multiple movies at a selected friday.