Nightline Konstanz

The anonymous listening offer from students for students

The Nightline Constance offers a free, anonymous listening offer for all students in Constance. They are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9pm to 1 am at the telephone and an online portal at their Homepage.

What is special is that you are always directed to a student who is there for you and your sorrow. All conversations are held anonymously, confidential and unbiased. No problem is too small to call or write us!

Problems in your relationship, trouble in your shared apartment, homesickness, stress with your family or loneliness...the Nightline Constance is there for you, if something is burdening you or if you need someone to talk to.

You can find information regarding their available times during the lecture-free time of the semester on their Website!

Nightline Constance – anonymous, confidential and unbiased.

* the Nightline is not an offer of the student body, though they are partially financed trough the funds of the student body.