Law Consultations of the Student Body

Free consultations for students.

Caution! Due to the current situation, we are offering law consultations only by phone. If you want a consultation date, please write an E-Mail to Please deposit your mobile number and a declaration stating that we are allowed to contact you. Your message will be passed on to the law consultation and after that, your data will be deleted.

Please contact the secretariat no later than Thursday 1 pm.

A lawyer will contact you Wednesday 10:45 till 11:45 (which is the time the law consultation would normally take place in person).



Due to the Data Protection regulation, you do not have to tell us ANYTHING about your case. We will only pass on the information that you want to take advantage of the law consultation and nothing about your specific case. For further information, please look at our principles for data protection: Datenschutz.

For urgent cases, please contact the our student counsellors at “LAW & LAKE.”

Please note that:

We are often asked if we can offer alternative dates for counselling. We are sorry that we can only offer law Consultation at the dates mentioned above. Even regarding urgent cases, we sadly can not offer alternative dates.

The student body offers a law consultation in cooperation with a law firm from Constance. Please note that this offer is meant purely as consultation. The law consultation does not include written statements, though students can be supported in this matter. The costs of the consultations are paid by the student body.

If communication outside of court is advised, you will be informed. I the costs for a lawyer can not be paid for by the student for economic of personal reasons, there is the possibility that you can claim a declaration by the local court. The costs for a lawyer which can be chosen freely will then be carried by the state.


Consultations during the semester
Wednesdays: 10.15 - 11.45 Uhr
Room G 401

If you want to claim the law consultation, please contact the student body and write an E-Mail with your name and student number to stuve.sekretariat@uni-konstanz.