Studentische Rechtsberatung

Student Law Consultation

At our university, we also offer a free law consultation held by advanced and good students that are enrolled into a law major and academic staff of the law department of the university. The students are supported by professors and lawyers. The consultation is offered towards everyone, especially to the students of the university.

Student Counsellors operate on projects that take place outside of court and have a conflict value of less than 700 Euros. On the homepage, you can find which law fields are open for consultation. There, you can also find the contact information of the consultation.

After your first contact, the law team will decide if the specific case will be suitable for consultation.

As a law consultation organized and operated by students, LAW & LAKE supports locals with questions regarding various fields of law like rent, work and consumer rights. Also, we can support you with written statements with bureaucracy of your opponent. Information and ways to contact us, you can find here: