Die Soforthilfe für Menstruierende at the University of Constance

Hey! We are the Department for sustainability, social topics and equality. With the project of, we want to support menstruating students and encourage the conversation about menstruations. The box is meant to offer a free emergency supply, if you have forgotten your menstruation supplies at home or your period has started unexpectedly. At the university of constance, students have been left alone with the topic of menstruation for the most part. Especially in situations, where your period starts unexpectedly, this represents a major hurdle. Though hygienic products are sold in the “Seezeit”-Shop, it is not always open. Also, hygienic products are sold in whole packages, which is not required in the case of an emergency, or when the menstruating student has a menstrual cup or hygienic products at home. Students told us of experiences in which they had to leave the library early because of their menstruation or had to use toilet paper as sanitary pads. We see it as the responsibility of the University of Constance to offer a reliable point if there is the demand for hygienic products. Another point is the financial burden. Not long ago, the luxury tax has been abolished, though this is not the case for pain medication, menstrual teas etc.

A sustainable alternative to tampons and sanitary pads are menstrual cups. Unfortunately, there are no gender neutral information sites about hygienic items yet. We want to emphasize at this point that menstrual items are meant for all menstruating people and are not products that solely include Cis-Women.

Our request for you: to continue this offer, we need your feedback. To know how the project is perceived by you students helps us with the financial funding for projects like these. You can write us an e-mail to Short feedback messages are welcome, too!