Policies / Founding / Confirmation

You cannot find an existing group that matches your interests? Or do you have a specified concern you want to take action for at the university? No problem- you can easily found your own university group! Your group must at least include 5 persons which are regularly enrolled into the university. Your interests must concern political, social, spiritual, artistic or sporty aspects of college life. To prove your interests, you have to submit a written draft that explains your goals. Your formulated goals cannot violate human rights or the constitution- which is checked by the university and us.

Hier findet ihr die Vorlage zur Anmeldung/ Here you can find a template for founding an university group.


And after founding your university group? Don’t forget to confirm you are still active at the end of every year!

Hier ist die Vorlage für die Rückmeldung/ Here, you can find a template to confirm your group


Remember to submit an address if you want to plan your own events or if you use the venues of the university and you are using music! You can find more information here by contacting the room allocation: Lehrraumvergabe.